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New Product Announcements

HO 70 Ton Offset Hopper Cars

Pre orders due 12/7/18

Due Summer 2019


HO 55 Ton Fishbelly Hopper Cars

Pre orders due 12/7/18

Due Summer 2019


Just Arrived!!

HO 40' Boxcars

HO 70 Ton 14 Panel Hopper Cars

HO GLa 2 Bay Hopper Cars

HO Freight Cars

N GLa 2 Bay Hopper Cars



In Stock!!

Complete list of In Stock Items


HO Ready to Run Cars




HO Car Kits


HO Locomotives


N Scale Cars



Products Available for Backorder


We have learned that our foreign factory has closed.
All projects below are delayed.
As we learn more information it will be posted.


"Executive Line"
HO F Unit Locomotives

"Executive Line"
HO Spine Cars

HO Baldwin DS 4-4-1000

"Executive Line"
HO ALCo Century C-628, C-630, & C-630M Locomotives

HO MLW M630 Locomotives

"Executive Line"
HO ALCo RS-3 Locomotives

HO GMD SD40-2 Locomotive

HO GMD SD-40 Locomotive

HO GMD SD-402f Locomotive

HO Wood Chip Hopper Cars

HO 100 Ton Hopper Cars

HO G-39 Jenny Ore Cars

HO H-21 & H-22 Hopper Cars

N Scale H21 Hopper Cars

HO 53' Roadrailer

HO 70 Ton Covered Hopper Cars




New Full Throttle Z Scale

Interesting products I use at Bowser
Lazer Bond - Liquid Plastic Resin that Seals in Seconds!
Bond, build, fix, and fill with the Lazer Bond Liquid Plastic System.
Squeeze out some of the liquid plastic on anything you'd like to "weld" together.
Using the included UV LED, cure it in just seconds to create a permanent hardened plastic.

Roket Tricky Stick - Surface Pretreatment for Delrin and Celcon.
Then you can use Superglue