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HO ALCo Century C-630 High Hood Locomotives

Archive of previous production


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Trad = Traditional Line: Basic model, no extra details, mostly unnumbered, all without sound,
all powered units have 8 pin plugs for easy DCC installations
Exec = Executive Line: Ready to Run, super detailed, numbered, with DCC and Sound or Analog (DC).
DCC and Sound version features LokSound Select decoder. Analog (DC) version has 21 pin socket for DCC module.
Bowser does not recommend LOK sound locos for use on DC layouts.


DCC 21 pin decoder – newest production
ESU #54615 (8 Functions) Recommended Decoder


TCS #EU-821 8 function decoder

Old Production w/8 pin sockets
Not recommended to be used on locos with 21 pin sockets
NCE #D13SRP and D15SRP, Digitrax #DH123PS and DH163PS, TCS #T-1A


Sound Retro Fit kit C630 loco: #691-1225 $110.00

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Three Axle Pickup Kit #691-602

If you have a Stewart or early Bowser-Stewart Alco Century C628 or C630 (sku less then #23803) and are changing to DCC or DCC & Sound this is an important kit. The 3 axle pickup will help keep constant contact with the track. The plastic parts are paintable and can be glued with any liquid plastic cement.

Assembly note: Remove the bottom clip first before you disassemble and install bottom clip last when you put the new side frames in place.

#691-6350 Undecorated High Hood Trad

Norfolk & Western (As Delivered - Blue)
#691-6351 Cab #1130 Trad
#691-6352 Cab #1133 Trad
#691-6353 Cab #1134 Trad

Norfolk & Western (Black w/ White NW)
#691-6354 Cab #1130 Trad
#691-6355 Cab #1133 Trad
#691-6356 Cab #1134 Trad

Norfolk & Western (Black w/ White)
#691-6357 Cab #1131 Trad