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Stewart Sound Chassis Instructions for FT units

1. Test Mechanism (moves forward) and mark the wire that goes to the right side of the motor wire clip. This is very important or your headlight will not work. If you finish and the headlight does not light the motor wire must be reversed on the circuit board.

Remove motor leads by sliding the top of the clip back and silding wire out.
Remove rear pickup leads.
Trim rear coupler mount block even with the top of the die cast frame

Remove circuit board from chassis

Cut off the rear wire clip and the motor clips. Cut the posts on the board flush on the top and the bottom


Cut motor posts and the side of the motor housing

Photo of motor housing trimmed

Solder right motor wire to the underside of the circuit board. Do not cross the wires.
Solder the rear pickup wires to the outside of the lugs

Tape wires to top of board and check with your body that they are all clear.