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HO Parts for Streetcars

Complete list of current and previous production items

Powered and Trailing Truck Kits

#125100 with 26" wheels

#125105 with 28" wheels
#125110 with 30" wheels
#125115 with 33" wheels

#125130 Trolley 4' 10" Power Trucks & Trail Truck 33" Wheels with 76E Side Frames


6' 6" Wheel Base Power Truck
Can motor
Universals and drive shaft
Gear box with bearings
All-wheel pickup
Bolster with screw holes for mounting geared truck
Electric track brake, Brill, IRR & Baldwin side frames included

26", 28", 34" have blackened metal wheels
33" and 30" have brass wheels

Repair Parts Drawings: Click Here

Measurement drawing of HO Trolley Mechanism

Brass Bolster for Power Trucks #1335
This 1 1/4" long bolster will snap in place on the power truck.
It can be soldered to, cut, drilled and tapped.

This allows you to use it for many different applications.

#12600 Operating Roof Pole $16.00

Thank you to George Huckaby, Jr. for his help on our trolley project.
Visit his web site for PCC trolley info.
See our links page to jump to Trolleyville ( - this site has a lot of useful info.