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O & S Turntables

We have discontinued production of these kits Most repair parts are available.  When we exhaust these repair parts we do not plan to restock.  This only applies to the HO steam kits, Cary diesel bodies, O Trolleys and All turntables.

O & O-27 Gauge Bridge Deck Kit

#7902 Bridge Deck Kit for O Gauge Track      $88.55 
#7903 Bridge Deck Kit for O-27 Track             $88.55 

Dress up your turntable bridge with railings, rail stanchions, shanty, drive motor & bracket, and electrical gantry. Kit includes wood to make long ties, wood for the deck, pewter wire tower,  and shanty. Customer must cut wood to length and glue in place, drill holes for stanchions & glue in place, glue together shanty, screw together wire tower and paint parts.
Chick here for photos of the parts in these kits

A Bowser turntable is made of 1/2" plywood with a brass pit wall, the wood is painted gray; the pit rail is installed and the wiring done. The center shaft , bearings and bogies are installed on the wooden bridge beam. Track and is NOT included. The bridge will accept any type of track you like. A turntable requires a square hole 2" larger than the bridge length and at least 6" of clearance under the layout. The motor requires and N or HO transformer (only controls the rotation of bridge) to move the bridge clockwise or counterclockwise. When the bridge is stopped it is locked in place. You can move the bridge very slowly. This allows you to align the track for the loco to pull onto the bridge. An automatic indexing system (stop at the next track automatically) is made by Dallee Electronic. The Dallee unit stops the bridge at each track without you having to align it. The Dallee Indexer is mounted under the layout and can be installed after the turntable is in your layout without having to tear it apart .

Instruction Page - Click Here (8 meg pdf)

Instruction for Bridge Detailing (pdf)

#213-617  Dallee Electronics Indexing Kit available from Dallee
Will stop the turntable at any location you set. Mounts under the turntable and has an infinite number of stops.
The following is a l
ink to Dallee Indexer Instruction Page 

Bogie and drive wheel clamp upgrade for your old Bowser turntables

#79218 Drive wheel Clamp 

#79237  O BOGIE ASSY W/.700 WHEEL (WOOD TIES) sold out

 sold out

Repair and new versions of parts.
79215    Bridge Bushing - holds shaft to wood bridge beam
932043  6-32 X 1/4 SOCKET HEAD CAP SCREW
- Sold Out
79214    Pit Bushing - shaft passes through this bushing in the
                      bottom of the pit.
79134    HO Shaft - 5/16 diameter steel
79234    O Shaft - 5/16 diameter steel
79477    HO Bridge Bogie - wheel assembly that is mounted on 
                           each end of wood beam

79237  O
Bridge  BOGIE W/.700 WHEEL (WOOD TIES) - Sold Out
79239  O
Bridge BOGIE .800 WHEEL (PLASTIC TIES) - Sold Out
79218    Drive wheel clamp - holds drive wheel to the shaft - Sold Out
79330    Set collar - slides on shaft between bridge and pit