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"Executive Line"

ALCo RS-3 Phase 3 & Other Variations Locomotive

HO ALCo RS-3, Phase 3 and other variations
Ready To Run with Locomotive specific details. Features: air hoses, windshield wipers, grab irons, coupler lift bars, operating headlight, window glass, road name specific details, roadname specific fuel tanks, can motor, flywheels, nickel silver wheels with RP25 flanges and knuckle couplers. Analog (DC) version features 21 pin plug for DCC, DCC/Sound version features LokSound Select decoder.


DC Analog Version $199.95 Sound/DCC Version $299.95


In Stock






Pennsylvania w/Train Phone
Train Phone, marker lights, number boards, long hood Firemans side ladder, train control box, short handrails on engineer side, dynamic brake, MU receptacles
#24683 Cab #8591
#24684 Cab #8592
#24685 Cab #8595
#24686 Cab #8591 w/DCC & Sound
#24687 Cab #8592 w/DCC & Sound
#24688 Cab #8595 w/DCC & Sound

Western Maryland
Number boards, dynamic brake
#24701 Cab #195
#24702 Cab #196
#24703 Cab #195 w/DCC & Sound
#24704 Cab #196 w/DCC & Sound

Available exclusively from

Western Maryland Historical Society


A fund raiser so they can fix their museum station building.

It is in need of a new roof.

#2-5923 #198 no sound $199.95

#2-5924 #198 with sound $299.95



Paul Buscemi


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