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"Executive Line"

HO PCC Kansas City Body Trolley

Bowser Manufacturing Company is proud to finally announce the resumption of our Kansas City PCC project. After searching, evaluating and securing a new supplier for our trolley projects, we located our molds and had them successfully tested for quality and durability. Our Kansas City PCC project will provide HO scale models of these unique all-electric PCC cars that were built without the characteristic standee windows.

160 of these unique cars were delivered in 1946 and 1947, but they ran only for ten years before 80 cars were sold between 1954 and 1957 to Philadelphia/PTC (40), Toronto/TTC (30) and Tampico/SCTET (10). Controls, motors and trucks from another 79 were sold to Bruxelles, Belgium for use in construction of street cars being built for that city. The bodies were scrapped. In 1975 with the cars already approaching 30 years of operation, 11 of the 30 cars in Toronto were sent to San Francisco to deal with the longer running times caused by the building of BART. Another 11 were sent to Philadelphia to help deal with a car shortage caused by the loss of many streetcars in the Woodland Carbarn fire.

Bowser intends to provide high quality DCC ready and DCC/Sound HO scale models of the cars in their Kansas City attire, in their Philadelphia PTC green and the SEPTA Bicentennial, Gulf Oil and ex-Toronto paint schemes.

The SEPTA Bicentennial cars consisted of two cars for each of the thirteen original colonies but three for Pennsylvania, we will produce three cars completely finished in the Pennsylvania livery but also a Bicentennial without state and road number. A decal for the other twelve states will be included.

Our model features: injection molded plastic body, window glass, operating roof poles, operating headlight, DCC Ready with 21 pin plug, accurate painting and decorating, can motor drive with flywheel. Sound trolleys equipped with LOK Sound Decoders (DCC and Sound). We do not recommend LOK Sound for use on DC (analog) layouts.
MSRP $169.95 w/Snd $269.95


Pre orders still accepted





Phila Green

#12901 Car #2260
#12902 Car #2286
#12903 Car #2260 w/DCC & Sound
#12904 Car #2286 w/DCC & Sound

Phila "Gulf Oil"

#12905 Car #2240, ex Toronto
#12906 Car #2243, ex-Toronto
#12907 Car #2240, ex Toronto w/DCC & Sound
#12908 Car #2243, ex-Toronto w/DCC & Sound


#12909 Car #4750
#12910 Car #4777
#12911 Car #4750 w/DCC & Sound
#12912 Car #4777 w/DCC & Sound

Kansas City Phase 1

#12917 Car #513
#12918 Car #725
#12919 Car #513 w/DCC & Sound
#12920 Car #725 w/DCC & Sound

SEPTA (ex-Toronto)

#12921 Car 2245
#12922 Car 2246
#12923 Car 2245 w/DCC & Sound
#12924 Car 2246 w/DCC & Sound

BiCentennial Penna

#12925 Car #2251
#12926 Car #2254
#12927 Car #2288
#12928 Car #2251 w/DCC & Sound
#12929 Car #2254 w/DCC & Sound
#12930 Car #2288 w/DCC & Sound

BiCentennial, no state, with decal*

#13030 Car no number
#13031 Car no number w/DCC & Sound